Bio: Wyvern Aldinger


Wyvern Aldinger was born and raised among rugged, high desert, rural Wyoming.


As a child, he was encouraged in both photography and computers. His parents gave him a tiny 110 film camera for his fifth christmas, which was the same year he taught himself to read using the BASIC programming manual for the family's Commodore 64 computer.


In 2000 the University of Washington awarded him a Computer Engineering degree, cum laude. He immediately went to work in the highest of high-tech. For about a decade he honed his skills by engineering projects for Microsoft and Google.


In 2010 Wyvern put down the programming keyboard and refocused on his photography. A brief revisit to college filled in a few holes in his education, then he founded Magelight Media to house his growing portfolio. Under the Magelight brand he has held multiple showings of his art and been engaged to decorate three commercial spaces.


At present Wyvern spends his time drawing from experience with both computers and digital media, as he prototypes some software tools that are going to revolutionize the media industry.


But when the weather is particularly fine he still jumps in his truck and returns to the wild places, where he continues building an ever growing pile of art to unleash upon the world as soon as the software project is ready to handle it.


Wyvern currently lives in Durango, a small town in Southwest Colorado.


Wyvern believes wholeheartedly in the beauty of the outdoors and endlessly endeavors to inspire a love for Mama Earth in each and every soul in his audience.


Wyvern maintains a non-professional twitter account as  @wyverntiger. Photos are posted often, but so are opinions.


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Spinning Staff at Red Canyon
Spinning Staff at Red Canyon
Wyvern takes a moment to spin staff at Red Canyon Overlook, in northern Utah.
Photo thanks to Mom.