Thursday February 12, 2015

2015 State of the Wyvern

Hey there!


Let’s jump into today’s blog update with the most exciting bits: I’ve posted two new photo galleries here on Magelight Media!

In Southwest Desert Heat we take you on a state-crossing tour of many desert places I love throughout the lower-left quarter of the United States. And in Underground Carlsbad we dive beneath the surface of the desert and reveal the truly wonderful alien realm known as Carlsbad Caverns.


I promised you all more photos of the desert when I moved to Durango last summer, and I couldn’t be prouder of this work. Check out both these galleries, I think you’re going to love them. :}


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Next up: I’ve re-opened the website store, woohoo! (Edit: store is temporarily turned off again.) And the new store features a new product type called “Floating Metal™ Prints”!

These are really unique. The image is printed directly onto a polished sheet of aluminum, it looks absolutely amazing. Check out the details of the process here or take a peek at the several printed and ready-to-ship pieces currently up in the store.


I know you all love my work. (Why else would you be reading my blog?) Now once again you can have my art on your own walls.


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Man, it really sounds like I’m settling in here in Southwest Colorado, doesn’t it?


So what have I been up to?


Well, as I mentioned when I moved, the main goal is to get myself out of the bustle of big-city life and spend some serious time working on a coding project. I’m happy to say that’s coming along nicely.


The coding project — known in this house as “Project Moonrise” — now weighs in at more than 15000 lines of Python code, plus associated Javascript, CSS, and HTML templates. Most of those lines of code have been written, built, and rebuilt a few times over as the total sophistication of the system gently rises.


Of course I still don’t want to talk too much about the specific secret sauces I’m cooking up, but you all know I’m dabbling in the field of Digital Asset Management software. I have this ever growing pile of artwork, all sitting on my RAID arrays doing nothing for any of us, ya know? The plan is to unleash a torrent of fully polished, indexed, and cross-referenced pixels unto the world, as soon as my new tools are ready to handle it all. Keep watch here on the blog for news. ;)


So I still spend as many hours in my desk chair as I can stand every week, puttering away at this project. In between I jump in the truck and head out to the lovely wild places to make more art.


What a great life. :D


Is there a deadline, a point where I call it done and return back to Washington?


Uh, probably not. I still have a house there in the outskirts of Seattle, true. But the Southwest calls my name loudly. Odds are that when my tenants’s lease is up this summer I’ll put the house on the market and make my migration into sunnier parts of the world become a permanent one. Sad, as I know so many great people in the Pacific Northwest. But exciting at the same time for all the great new challenges and opportunities down here. And believe it or not, there’s lovely people to be found in small rural hippie towns as well. ;)


Is Durango forever? I couldn’t say.


Honestly, I need a business partner, someone with studio space.


Most of my video and lighting gear is still sitting in boxes in a storage unit, cold and alone in the dark. It doesn’t do anyone any good at all there (except the storage unit company). I’ve begun to more actively look for a space I can unpack it all into again. Since my own time needs to stay focused on Project Moonrise, what I need is a business partner who I can unpack it into his or her big studio. I’d be happy to give some lessons on how to use the equipment, and to help someone else out with the whole video production studio without having to run the gig myself.


If I find that partner in or near Durango then I’ll stay in Durango. It truly is wonderful here. If I have to go a little farther afield, maybe closer to Santa Fe, Phoenix, or Denver, well, a little relocation may have to be considered again. Time will tell.


So hey, if you the reader have studio space and want to partner with the Magelight Media brand, drop me a note and we’ll talk about it!


Until then, I’ll keep making art in my basement. :D


Thanks for reading, and stay tuned later this season for more exciting stuff!


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Between Worlds
Between Worlds
Wyvern spins glow staff, shot in the basement with a little bit of Great Sand Dunes National Park mixed in.