A Few Favorite Photos

I used to run a company.

Me and a team making photo/video projects for small businesses. We did product launches, marketing videos, kickstarter campaigns, and the like.

A few years back I moved on to other ventures and have mostly shot landscape since.

Here’s an odd nine of my favorites from the last year or so of travels…

Antelope Canyon

It’s a badge of honor for every desert photographer to shoot Antelope Canyon. Strangely, that’s an achievement I’d not yet earned.

September was frustrating. I got nothing done in September. So I went traveling.

Photo-bucket-list item: check!

White Sands

September was really frustrating.

After getting home I still wasn’t getting any work done, so I went traveling again. I’d missed White Sands on my last New Mexico trip. Some grumpy memories of a past mate surface when I try to remember why.

Anyway, amazing place. Stunning. In my top three dune sites, ever.

Chasing Heaven

Went past Carlsbad while in the area. It’s four years since I last photographed these caves, toting the same camera and glass even. To my eye, my art this time is far better. I am proud of the growth I’ve made as a photographer.

Black Canyon Narrows

It was so smokey this summer. It felt like half the west was on fire. Go-go-gadget climate change.

Made for some dramatic views tho.

Sky’s Rage

My most frequent subject to photograph is “clouds over mountains”. This image is whatever is my latest favorite. It changes out more often than any other slot on this page.

Amusingly, “Sky’s Rage” is replacing “Sky’s Fury” today. Had no memory what the last one was when I named this one. I wonder if I’ve been mad at things lately?

Misty Mountains

In June, the family gathered in Wyoming to lay my dad’s ashes to rest. After, I went up to Ol’ Yellerstone. Waaaaay more people than I wanted to be around. Fled like my tail was on fire.


Just a scrag tree by the little off-grid cabin in the wilds where I sometimes live. Got high one night and photographed it. Long exposure. Lighting from farther up the hill, on the side, hand-held. It was probably my headlamp.


Playing with fire, the perfect hobby for a season when the woods were otherwise all burning to the ground…


Let’s finish out the set with a self-portrait.

Be extraordinary.

Thanks for joining me today!

Let me know your thoughts!

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